Macroeconomic Scaling of Risk: Nuclear Showdown

Macroeconomic Scaling of Risk for a Nuclear Showdown: North Korea vs. America Following the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines Jonathan B. Graves, MSA Norwich University Abstract This paper examines the risk strategy of model-based risk analysis (MBRA) with regards to the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea. The MBRA formula, risk (r) = threat (t)... Continue Reading →

Detroit- Motor City Revival

Toughness and determination are two words I use to describe Detroit and its wonderful inhabitants that come from a variety of backgrounds. Infamous for Henry Ford's assembly line to the last stop of the underground railroad, Detroit has seen it all. As the most populous city in the state of Michigan, automobiles, techno, Motown music,... Continue Reading →

Moscow- Abundant Beauty Defined

Sprawling boulevards with canopies of neo-classical facades, onion domes, art deco and monuments designed through socialist realism are enclosed by the Stalinist Gothic architecture of the Seven Sister's; Moscow demands awe and inspires greatness.  Picked up in a YAZ suv, the Russian version of an American Jeep, I was welcomed by Russian friends and driven... Continue Reading →

Narva-Joesuu Estonia

My bags were packed, and I was on the road headed to Pearson’s International Airport to fly from Toronto to Tallinn Estonia stopping over in Munich. Once in Munich, kartoffel salt (Potato Salad) was served with German sausage, mustard sauce, and a large beer; my spirits being freshly renewed I boarded the plane and headed... Continue Reading →

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