Detroit- Motor City Revival

Toughness and determination are two words I use to describe Detroit and its wonderful inhabitants that come from a variety of backgrounds. Infamous for Henry Ford’s assembly line to the last stop of the underground railroad, Detroit has seen it all. As the most populous city in the state of Michigan, automobiles, techno, Motown music, food, and crime used to be synonymous with Detroit’s reputation but all of that has changed.

Detroit is now known for its spirit of revival including relentless innovation, historical perseverance, and the re birth of an active, vibrant, growing downtown paving its own path to success no matter how downtrodden. From Eminem’s Chrysler commercial of “made in Detroit” to the video produced by Stephen Mcgee for Amazon’s H2Q titled “move the world,” from the new Red Wings Stadium Caesar’s Arena to the Autorama at Cobo Hall, Detroit is not only coming back but it is an opportunity welcoming all.

The city I was born in is prophesized by its flag which reads in Latin “speramus meliora” and “resurget cineribus” which means “we hope for better things” and “it will rise from the ashes”. For those who only know Detroit by its old reputation I urge you to come here and let the city reshape your views because not only will you be pleasantly surprised, but you will see an underdog forging ahead as a metaphor for a new, great, economically strong USA that praises accomplishment, builds communities, and brings people together.

See the new Penguin exhibit at the Detroit Zoo. Check out abandoned buildings and the insane talents of local graffiti artists like Banksy. Visit Eastern Market and go antique shopping at the same time. Read up on urban farming and visit Detroit’s massive land reclamation projects that provide local grown food to the restaurants and tables of residents. Visit the Detroit Institute of Arts and see paintings by Van Gough, Caravaggio, Picasso, and Renoir.

Come. Visit. Marvel. Enjoy an international setting with Windsor Canada a 5 minute tunnel ride or bridge ride away. Experience Cuban food and dance salsa Friday or Saturday nights at Vicente’s or try the London Chop House known for its elegance with a cigar lounge. Hit Cliff Bell’s the oldest Jazz café in the country or go feather bowling at Cadieux Café and eat a giant bowl of muscles. Casino’s sports teams, riverfront access, breweries, bars, and people watching will make you fall in love with Detroit; that is a promise!

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