Moscow- Abundant Beauty Defined

Sprawling boulevards with canopies of neo-classical facades, onion domes, art deco and monuments designed through socialist realism are enclosed by the Stalinist Gothic architecture of the Seven Sister’s; Moscow demands awe and inspires greatness.  Picked up in a YAZ suv, the Russian version of an American Jeep, I was welcomed by Russian friends and driven deep into the heart of Moscow to my hotel the Golden Ring.  High up on the sixteenth floor I could see three of the Seven Sister’s and the room had wall to wall windows that made for a stunning sunset.

With a list of adventures and four days of walking, I knew Moscow was going to be a trip of a lifetime. There was good, there was great, and there was the entertaining with only but a hint of rudeness along the way. It was instantaneous and I fell in love with Moscow; from walking Arbat Ulitsa, a touristy street lined with shops, restaurants, and antiques to a riverboat cruise that sailed right past the Kremlin. I walked the entire Red Square, seeing St. Basil’s Cathedral, Nikolskaya Tower, and toured the Armory Chamber while also shopping at GUM, seeing the Bolshoi Theater and witnessing a truly absurd number of sports cars that would impress a collector like Jay Leno.

Averaging over 8 miles of walking a day, the soreness was remedied with amazing food and of course Russian beer. It was windy, it was rainy, and yet endless numbers of tourists, Muscovites, and businessmen/ woman roamed the streets with selfie sticks and suitcases ducking in and out of the underground pass ways. While i could write about many more aspects of Moscow and its 24 hour hustle and bustle, the greatest thing i could ever do is recommend others to visit and see for themselves the breathtaking city and everything it has to offer

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